Here’s how you can pin a location in Google Maps: Steps to follow

Google Maps recently added a number of new features, including estimated toll prices, a real-time look at traffic conditions, and more. This shows that Google Maps is not just a navigation app that helps users to get from one point to another. One of the key features provided by the app is that it allows … Read more

WhatsApp now lets you hide last seen, profile photos from specific contacts: Here’s how

After a lot of rumours, WhatsApp now finally lets users hide their profile photo, last seen and about from specific people in their contact list. This privacy setting was already available in the beta version for some time now. WhatsApp has now announced that it is now rolling out to all iOS and Android users … Read more

The Apple iOS 16 feature of editing sent messages could become a big problem: Here’s why

In the first week of June, Apple held the WWDC 2022 developer conference. One of the biggest announcements made at the event was iOS 16. It brings many new features to Apple iPhone users and most of it was highly appreciated by iOS users. However, some of the features unveiled in the program attracted some … Read more

Here’s how 5G technology will change the world around you

The Union Cabinet has approved the auction of airwaves capable of offering fifth-generation, or 5G, telecommunications services, including ultra high-speed Internet, and has given its nod for setting up captive 5G networks by large tech firms. the government said 5G Services Will be rolled out soon which will be around 10 times faster than the … Read more

Facebook is planning to redesign its app soon: Here’s how

Meta has long outlived competition by either buying the platform or by introducing matching features that are popular among users. So far, this trick has worked well with WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat. But now, another social media platform has grabbed everyone’s attention and has become a major threat to the company. Meta has already accepted … Read more

Beware! Google Chrome users are at risk, here’s what to do now

Several security vulnerabilities were reported in Google Chrome, with which users were prone to hacking attacks. But luckily, Google was quick and has now released an updated Chrome version that fixes these issues. In response to this update, India’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) and the United States Cyber ​​Security Agency (CISA) have asked users … Read more