India to invest $30 billion in technology sector and chip supply chain

Chip shortages have hit the electronics market significantly and the world is facing its consequences since the 2020 pandemic. Despite this, the demand for chips in the Indian market is continuously increasing. Chip demand in India is said to reach $110 billion by 2030 and by that time India hopes to strengthen the supply chain … Read more

Qualcomm fined $1 billion by the EU

Chipmaker Qualcomm on Wednesday won its battle against a 997 million euro ($1.05 billion) fine imposed by EU antitrust regulators four years ago, marking EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager’s crackdown on Big Tech as a big deal. Shocked. The European Commission said in its 2018 ruling that Qualcomm paid Apple billions of dollars from 2011 … Read more

App spending to reach $233 billion by 2026: report

By 2026, global consumer spending on premium apps, in-app purchases and subscriptions on Apple’s App Store and Google Play will reach $233 billion. This is 77 percent more than the $132 billion consumers spent in 2021. Also Read – Pokémon Go Crosses $6 Billion in Lifetime Player Spending: View Details While consumer spending habits have … Read more

Pokémon Go surpasses $6 billion in lifetime player spend

Niantic’s Pokémon Go has surpassed $6 billion in global lifetime player spend on the App Store and Google Play. The title has been one of the most lucrative mobile games in the world since its launch in 2016, when it became an instant global phenomenon. In 2021, it was the number 7 revenue-generating mobile game, … Read more