WhatsApp now lets you hide last seen, profile photos from specific contacts: Here’s how

After a lot of rumours, WhatsApp now finally lets users hide their profile photo, last seen and about from specific people in their contact list. This privacy setting was already available in the beta version for some time now. WhatsApp has now announced that it is now rolling out to all iOS and Android users globally. Also Read – WhatsApp may soon allow admins to limit who can join group chats: Report

Until now, users had three privacy options: Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. They will now see an additional option called “Except for My Contacts…”. By clicking on this option, users have to choose the specific contacts from whom they want to hide their details. Notably, if you choose to hide your “Last Seen” from contacts, you won’t even be able to see their last seen status. Also Read – WhatsApp will now allow participants to mute or text specific people during video calls

This option can be accessed from the Privacy section in Account Settings. Also Read – Father’s Day: WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for Fathers to Stay Safe Online

How to hide profile photo, last seen on WhatsApp from specific people

To hide your profile picture, last seen and special people information, all you have to do is open WhatsApp. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy menu. This process can be followed on iPhone and Android. That way, you can choose who you want to exclude from your contacts and block them from seeing their details.

There was a “Except My Contacts” option available for status, read receipts and more.

For those unaware, WhatsApp has introduced some updates to its video calling feature. A key feature of these announcements is that call participants will now be able to mute specific people during the call, including the host, if they so desire. These updates were announced by WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart.

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