New characters for weapons, here’s what’s new

Crafton has announced a new update for the New State mobile game for the month of June. The update is already live for Android and iOS users. It will bring more characters, a new Survivor Pass, and additional weapon customization slots for the Micro UZI and M16A4. Also Read – New State Mobile May Update: From New Maps to Weapons, Check Out All the Changes You’ll See

The battle royale game will be introduced with a new collaboration with Line Friends, a global character brand. The game will introduce some of the major characters, including Brown, Connie, and Sally, through various in-game content. The Line Friends collaboration is now live and available until July 21. Also Read – New Stat Mobile gets a massive update with new weapons, supercars, and more: View details

Rekha Mitra Characters, Awards, and More

New State Mobile has collaborated with Line Friends for the June update. The game will have new characters until July 21. Players can jump into the game and start earning various Line of Friends-themed items, including a costume, helmet, emotes, vehicles and melee, through cooperation boxes. Players can also experience the in-game Line Friends decorations when they land on the starting island and find that the mall area on Troi has been renovated to show the Line Friends store. Finally, during this collaboration period players can participate in a Profile Rewards event that rewards gamers by completing daily missions with Line Friends-themed profile images, BP random crates, titles, profile frames, chicken medals, and profile frame effects. rewards. Also Read – New State Mobile Gets New Story Mission With Update: Check Details Here

Weapon Customization

Two of the most popular weapons, the Micro UZI and M16A4 guns, now have additional customization slots. The Micro UZI can now be equipped with a laser sight and the M16A4 now has two additional customization options: an enhanced barrel that increases burst rate and a grip that improves vertical recoil control.

Survivor Pass Vol. 8

The June update introduces a new Survivor Pass with Alex May from the Strategist faction coming to New State Mobile. Players can earn Alex May costumes and character appearances by completing all story missions. Players who upgrade to the Premium Pass will also receive Alex May’s Moonlight Goddess costume set.

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