Microsoft Surface Pro 8 review: Love or nothing at first sight


-Extremely lightweight (starting at 891 grams)
– Exceptional battery life
-No compromise performance for daily tasks
-Still a Style Statement
– High quality hinge


– lack of ports
-OS still needs to become touchscreen friendly
-Limited use-case at this price point

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is a 2-in-1 Windows machine that offers something very unique. While this specification makes it a great buy, it also limits the use case of the machine. Don’t get me wrong, there is one buyer out there who will look at the Surface 8 Pro and know that machine is made for them. Assuming you’re an Illustrator accustomed to the Windows ecosystem, the Surface Pro 8 has the ability to make your workflow independent of bulky laptops and desktops. It still may not be your primary tool, but it lets you work wherever you want.


Microsoft Surface Pro 8 comes with a 13-inch display that is packed in a very compact form factor. The display comes with 120Hz refresh rate and Dolby Vision support. Now coming to the experience, the display is crisp and the dark levels are very well managed. While it’s not quite as good as an OLED panel, it’s still the best you can find otherwise. While watching media on the device is a pleasure, the advantage of not being OLED is that the panel gets bright enough for outdoor locations as well. However, what I appreciated the least was the reflectivity of the display panel. Working in a well-lit area can be difficult due to the brightness of the panel.


The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 starts with the Intel Core i5 variant and will set you back around Rs 1,15,999. The unit we worked with comes with 11th generation Intel Core-i7 1185G7 with 16GB of RAM. The machine with which we handled the workflows with ease. The compact form factor has its limits but the Surface 8 Pro does a good job with heat dissipation despite its slimness. The form factor helps too, if you hold it on your lap while you work, the vents face the sides of the screen and hot air doesn’t bother. On the other hand, the 2-in-1 form factor makes laptop typing a challenge. The fans can be heard when the machine is loaded.


The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 battery claims are pretty bold. The company claims a battery life of 16 hours with normal device usage. In my experience, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 may not hit the 16-hour mark, but the battery life was unquestionably one of the best for its performance. If your brightness level is half or less than half that, a day’s work can be achieved with a single charge.

Microsoft Surface Slim Pen 2

The Slim Pen 2 has also been upgraded. The Surface Slim Pen 2 can pair and charge wirelessly. It’s also securely stored in the Microsoft Surface Pro Signature keyboard which is extremely convenient for both charge access. To test out the Slim Pen 2, we asked Illustrator to use it. We found the Slim Pen 2 to be extremely good with pressure sensitivity. However, it lacks the Slant Sketch feature found in the latest Apple Pen. The 120Hz display also does its part in significantly reducing the latency for the input.


The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is a great addition to your travel bag. The machine is built to travel with you as well as the least amount of compromise is expected. This is a handy recommendation if you need mobility with performance. However, the price tag can be a strong deterrent for non-professionals. But that’s what ‘Pro’ means. Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is for Pro on the move.

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