Samsung Galaxy S22 FE may be cancelled, here’s why

Samsung’s Fan Edition phones have been quite popular in certain regions. Since the launch of the Galaxy S20 FE in 2020, the FE series has been associated with the promotion of an affordable flagship. Due to this, the company released the Galaxy S21 FE which, although released late, is considered to be one of the best bets for users who can get around Rs. 50,000 even several months after its release. Now, Samsung fans are eyeing the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE. But according to a new report by SamMobile, there may not be a Fan Edition model of the Galaxy S22. Also read- Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 4G with Snapdragon 720G chipset may launch soon

Cannot launch Samsung Galaxy S22 FE

According to the report, Samsung may discontinue the FE or Fan Edition phone in just two years from its announcement. This means that we might not see the FE model of the Galaxy S22. Multiple sources have indicated that the Galaxy S22 FE is not present nor can its expected model number SM-900 be seen anywhere. Also Read – Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Appears in Live Images That Shows It’s an Incremental Upgrade

While the exact reason why Samsung is not going ahead with its FE phones is unknown, some believe that it is finding it difficult for Samsung to keep these phones in its portfolio. If we take this year’s example, the Galaxy S21 FE, which was launched in January this year, maintained its hype for some time until the release of the Galaxy S22. But as soon as the S22 series became available in the market (ie in February), it could be difficult for Samsung to remind buyers about the Galaxy S21 FE. Also Read – Microsoft is bringing Xbox games to Samsung’s Smart TVs

That being said, this time around, let’s say if Samsung is planning an FE phone, it will have to launch it soon – a few months before the release of next year’s S23 – or else it will be capped by the S23. It is possible But Samsung is not ready to launch another FE in the next few months as the S21 FE was released only a few months back. Also, the model number of the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE – SM-S900 – has not been spotted anywhere in the recent leak. So, if the S22 FE was coming, we should have seen some leaks or certifications by now, but that’s not the case.

All the above information suggests that the S22 FE may finally turn off.

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