How to improve video settings

YouTube has introduced a new feature called Improvements that allows creators to make changes online. According to the company’s blog, the feature will allow users to “pay attention to improvements and clarifications in the details of their already published videos,” explained the YouTube product manager. Also Read – YouTube Isn’t Offering Its Longtime Music, Free Service As Gifts To Premium Subscribers

Once users upload a video to the platform, they will be able to change video details including title, caption, comment settings and more in YouTube Studio. Viewers will be notified of this improvement. Also Read – India Amendments Rules For Social Media Companies To Protect Users’ Rights: Here Are The Details

How to use YouTube’s new improvements

Viewers will be able to see a “view improvements” information card at the top corner of the video. You can simply click on the tag to see all the improvements made by the manufacturer. This card will only appear on the relevant timestamp, however, YouTube has clarified that it will only appear for the first correction in the video. Also Read – YouTube’s New Feature Helps Users Watch Content On TV Without Casting

This will avoid the situation where the creator will have to delete the video and re-upload it and lose all existing views, likes and count. Notably, eligible creators will get this feature by the end of June.

Note that this will not be available to you if your channel has been subjected to an active strike or is reported by users as inappropriate. This feature will allow creators to inform users about their mistakes and make corrections once the video is uploaded so that they can provide the correct information.

To edit the settings of a video you’ve already uploaded to YouTube, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Open YouTube Studio and sign in
  2. Click on “Content” that appears in the left menu
  3. Click on the title or thumbnail of the video
  4. Update/change the settings as needed and click “Save”

And that’s it! Overall, it aims to let creators improve their videos or clips on YouTube while maintaining engagement in the video. Earlier, creators had the option to correct errors in the description or comments of the video.

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