How to Batch Edit Photos on iPhone with iOS 16: Paste Edits in Bulk

Apple’s iOS 16 was released this month and it focuses heavily on providing some nifty features to iPhone users. Last time, we showed you how iOS 16’s background removal tool works on iPhone, this time, we’re looking at another feature that allows you to quickly edit your entire photo album in a breeze. Also Read – How to Remove Background from Images on iPhone with iOS 16

If you’re the kind of person who edits images on the go on your iPhone, you’ll be glad to know that iOS 16 lets you edit a photo by letting you paste all the photos (the one you choose) at once. Brings the capability of bulk editing photos. This feature is widely called “Batch Edit” by netizens and today, we will show you how you can actually use this feature. Also Read – iOS 16: Lesser Known Features You Should Know About

How to Edit Photos on iPhone with iOS 16

1. Once you have updated to the new iOS 16 and are all set, go to photo app, Also Read – iOS 16 Update Allows Users to Transfer eSIM to New iPhone via Bluetooth

2. Find an image you want to edit and tap on the image.

3. Click on edit and make all possible changes you want.

4. Now, click on the right corner three-dot icon,

5. Select copy editing (Doing so will copy all the changes you made to the image).

6. Now, you have to go back by clicking on the Back button at the top left (it is an arrow).

7. Select all the images in which you want to paste the edits you just made.

8. Once selected, click on three-dot icon bottom right.

9. Lastly, Tap on paste edit,

That’s it. Now, all edits you’ve made to that one photo will be pasted on all the photos you’ve selected.

This feature is very convenient and is currently only available on iPhone with iOS 16 as an in-built feature. At the WWDC 2022 event, Apple didn’t focus on this feature, rather Apple’s main focus was on lock screen customization. After all, this is a key feature of iOS 16.

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