NordVPN will shut down its Indian servers from June 26

NordVPN confirmed on Tuesday that it will no longer be able to have its servers in India. This comes after India announced new cyber security guidelines that will be effective from this month. Also Read – CERT-In Flags Bug In Chrome OS, Mozilla Products That Could Allow Attackers To Gain Access To Your Data

NordVPN is leaving the Indian market

NordVPN, a Lithuania-based VPN company, is valued at $1.6 billion. It is one of the most popular VPN apps in the market and is widely used by Android, iPhone, Windows and other system users. On Tuesday, it confirmed that it is leaving India by removing all of its servers from the country as it does not hold and will not retain any of the customer data required by the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), a government of India authority. . Also Read – ExpressVPN Becomes First VPN Provider To Leave India: Here’s Why

“In addition, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. Therefore, we are no longer able to have servers in India,” said Laura Tyreliere techcrunch, Also Read – Parliamentary Committee Urges Government To Ban VPN Services In India: Report

The VPN company will remove its servers in India by June 26 as the new cyber security rules will come into effect from June 27. Apart from this, the company will send notification to its Indian users about its exit from June 20.

“Our Indian servers will be there till 26 June 2022. To make sure our users are aware of this decision, we will send notifications with full details via the NordVPN app starting June 20th. As digital privacy and security advocates, we are concerned about the potential impact of this regulation on people’s data. It seems likely that the amount of private information stored will increase significantly across a hundred or perhaps thousands of different companies. It is hard to imagine that everyone, especially small and medium enterprises, would have proper means to ensure the security of such data,” she continued.

In case you are unaware, the Government of India has appointed CERT-IN to protect cyber security information and as per their new guidelines, it is for VPNs, VPS, cloud service providers, virtual asset providers, virtual asset exchange providers and so on. types of companies would be needed. Store customers name, email address, IP address, financial transactions over the next five years.

Keeping these rules in mind, many other popular VPN companies have withdrawn from the Indian market. As of now, ExpressVPN and SurfShark have announced the removal of their servers in India.

Although NordVPN’s servers in India will be removed, the company plans to offer “virtual server locations” to Indian customers. However, we are not sure how this would work, because by doing so, it would still violate the guidelines by CERT-IN.

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