How to Transfer WhatsApp Chats from Android to iPhone

WhatsApp has taken a big step towards making it easier for users to switch from Android to iPhone. The Meta-owned messaging app has announced that users can now transfer their WhatsApp chat history, including text messages, photos, videos and voice messages, from their Android-enabled device to the iPhone. Also Read – WhatsApp Now Lets You Transfer Your Chats From Android to iPhone, Says Mark Zuckerberg

The development was announced by Facebook-founder Mark Zuckerberg, who said in a post, “We’re adding WhatsApp to the ability to securely switch between phones and transfer your chat history, photos, videos and voice messages between Android and iPhone.” Adding. End-to-end encryption. This is a top requested feature. We launched the ability to switch from iPhone->Android last year, and are now adding Android->iPhone as well.” Also Read – Telegram founder Pavel Durov criticizes Apple for ‘deliberately crippling’ web apps on iOS

Now, if you are planning to move from a smartphone running Google’s Android OS to an iPhone, here is a step-by-step guide to help you make the change. But before that, here is a list of requirements that you need to make sure of before you start. Also Read – How To Get Rs 105 Cashback Through WhatsApp: Step By Step Guide

Prerequisites to Change WhatsApp Chat History from Android to iOS

– Android smartphone running Android OS Lollipop or Android 5 or above.

– iPhone running iOS 15.5 or above installed.

– Go to the iOS app installed on your Android phone.

– WhatsApp iOS version or above is installed on your iPhone.

– WhatsApp Android version or above is installed on your Android smartphone.

— Both your devices must be connected to a power source.

– Both your devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

How to Transfer Your WhatsApp Chat History from Android to iOS

step 1: Open the Move to iOS app on your Android phone and follow the on-screen prompts.

step 2: A code will be displayed on your iPhone. When prompted, enter the code on your Android phone.

step 3: Tap Continue and follow the on-screen prompts.

step 4: Select WhatsApp on the Transfer Data screen.

Step 5: Tap the Start button on your Android phone, and wait for WhatsApp to prepare the data for export. Next, once the data is ready, you will be signed out of your Android phone.

Step 6: Now, tap on the Next button to return to the Move to iOS app.

Step 7: To transfer data from your Android phone to your iPhone, tap on the Continue button and wait for Move to iOS to confirm the transfer is complete.

Step 8: Install the latest version of WhatsApp from the App Store.

Step 9: Open WhatsApp and log in using the same phone number you used on your old device.

Step 10: When prompted, tap Start and let the process complete.

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